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Holiday Tribute Card 5-Pack

Five-Card Package of Holiday Tribute Cards

2012 UNICEF Holiday Tribute CardsThese unsigned cards and mailing envelopes will be sent directly to you for your personal use. Although a donation of $25 or more is usually suggested for each tribute card, our fulfillment costs are much lower with this pre-packaged collection.

This year’s Holiday Tribute Card features a holiday message of hope and cheer:

The U.S. Fund for UNICEF gratefully acknowledges that a generous gift has been made in your honor for the holidays. This gift will help decrease the number of preventable childhood deaths from 19,000 each day to ZERO, and make possible a healthier, happier future for many of the world's children.

You are able to purchase this five-card package for only $75, a savings of 40% from the original cost of five cards.

Please allow at least seven business days for delivery from the time we receive your order. Please note that card designs may vary based on availability.

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