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Developing Innovation Labs in South East Asia


UNICEF's Next Generation is made up of young professionals with amazing passion and dedication for UNICEF. They have raised over $3 million for UNICEF programs worldwide.

Their current project: raise $500,000 for Innovation Labs in South East Asia. What your gift can provide:

  • $20: educational software and job skills for a month.
  • $50: pair a South East Asian lab participant with one in another lab across the globe.
  • $100: lab supplies such as computers, tablets and paper.
  • $500: fund one week of testing and designing a product at a lab.

Click here to learn more about our Next Generation Steering Committees.

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High levels of poverty, natural disasters, and distinct local conditions have put the health and safety of the youth in South East Asia at risk. However, these children can also act as catalysts for development and positive change in their communities.

UNICEF's Next Generation has adopted a fundraising goal of $500,000 to develop three innovation labs. These labs will empower youth to address the issues that affect their communities and partner with local leaders to implement solutions. This funding will help:

  • Empower children and youth to improve their situations
  • Encourage collaboration and innovation among community members
  • Engage young people in real-time discussion and information loops
  • Facilitate better and more effective governance

For the full proposal, click here.

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