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Take the Pledge: Whatever it takes to get to ZERO

Take the Pledge

On June 14, UNICEF Executive Director Tony Lake and close to 700 representatives from governments, industry and the faith community met for the sole purpose of committing to end preventable deaths of children under 5 by 2035.

But this struggle for the world's children will take the commitment of every single UNICEF supporter, too.

We know how to get there. We just need the resolve, the optimism, and the audacity to believe in ZERO. Take the pledge to stand with UNICEF and do whatever it takes to end the preventable deaths of children, once and for all.

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Take the Pledge

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I believe in ZERO - zero children dying of preventable causes. 

I believe that no child should go hungry or die from malnutrition. That no child should die from water that is contaminated - or from no water at all. That no child should be born with HIV or die from a cause related to it. That no child should be forced into soldiering, sexual trafficking, or horrific labor conditions, much less give their life to one of these options. That no child should be denied an education that could interrupt the cycle of poverty.

I stand with UNICEF and the child survival leaders who are fighting for ZERO by 2035.

I will do whatever it takes until no child dies needlessly of a preventable cause.

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